And We're Off!

Rachel, Kenneth and I leave for Paris in a couple hours. We’re packed and all our plans are in order. Nothing left to do except get excited.

We are taking the overnight flight to Paris and spending the rest of the day wandering around. We plan on visting the Centre Pompidou and a playground or two for Kenneth.

In addition to Paris, we are going to spend some time in Western France, Vienna, Prague and Amesterdam. Be on the lookup for more updates here and lots of pictures from Rachel and me.

Darkroom Filter

I was editing a photo in Darkroom last night and came across the filter sharing feature. Darkroom allows you to create and save your own photo filter. After you’ve created the filter, you have the option to share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. That’s neat, but the thing that is the coolest is the way you share the filter. Darkroom adds a QR code to your photo and you then share the photo. A user that wants to install your filter then takes a screenshot of the QR code and opens Darkroom. That’s it, the filter is magically installed.

Give it a try!

my filter

Out of interest, I used a QR code reader to see what content was being encoded and it is a simple URL to open the Darkroom app and install the filter


Happy Birthday Crusher!


Today is Crusher’s eighth birthday. He’s been a loyal family member since the day we picked him up all those years ago.

Bread Success

I don’t plan to post everytime I bake bread, but Rachel and I have further refined our recipe and had a near-perfect raisin walnut sourdough bread this morning.

raisin walnut sourdough

I added an extra 75 grams of flour, 575g total, and cooked the bread for an hour at 450 degrees. The key we found with our oven is to put a baking sheet under the dutch oven to prevent the bottom of the bread from burning.

Bread fresh out of the oven makes for a pretty awesome breakfast.

Sourdough Bread Notes

I mentioned in my last post that I started baking my own sourdough bread from my own starter. I’ve now been at it for two weeks and think the bread is really starting to come along.

Last night I prepared the dough for a basic sourdough bread, based on this recipe. I put in a bit more flour than the recipe called for because of a previous trial with the recipe and think it was about right, but will maybe do a bit less next time. Given that it’s winter and a bit colder, I let bulk fermentation go for about 14 hours. I then split the dough in half and baked the first loaf.

first loaf

first loaf cut

The first loaf baked in the dutch oven with the lid on for 60 minutes. Since our oven has been burning the bread, I set the oven to about 410°F and the temperature seemed about right this time. It still came out a bit overdone on the outside and maybe a touch underdone inside. The sourdough flavor is starting to show in these latest loaves.

second loaf

The second loaf got an extra hour for the second rise and I baked it for only 50 minutes and came out looking perfect.