Bermuda, Day 5

Our last day in Bermuda did not go exactly like we wanted. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 1:03 pm, but instead did not take off until 7:44 pm. What’s worse, that the delay started out at just an hour and kept being extended 30 minutes at a time, so we were unable to make the most of our nearly seven hour Bermudian extension.

The time actually passed quickly and Ken found a couple boys that were happy to run around the empty airport with him for hours. He also had a good nap in his stroller and we all had two good meals from La Trattoria, the only restaurant in the airport.

Before we left for the airport I was able to fit in one more trip to the market for breakfast and one more quick trip to the “hot” pool for Ken to swim around. We then packed up and hopped in the taxi back to the airport.

This was our third trip to Bermuda, but in various interactions with residents I learned a couple interesting things (that I am assuming are true):

  1. The Americas Cup is coming to Bermuda this summer and it’s impossible to miss the hype. On the Bermuda customs declaration form there were three different reasons for visiting Bermuda related to the Cup. This will be the first time it will be held in Bermuda and they are expecting 100,000 visitors for the event.
  2. Bermuda is expensive since everything on the island is shipped and comes with a high import tax. Gas costs nearly $8/gallon. It is for that reason that the local poverty level is $70,000 and minimum wage is $18/hour.

This trip, more than others, I found the relationship Bermuda has with the rest of the world to be very interesting. It’s a British Territory, but acts more like a US state. The marathon, for instance, was marked in miles, not kilometers, the outlets are the standard 110 volt outlets we use, and their currency is based on the US Dollar - they even take dollars for payment. Given their proximity to the east coast, most of the stores are stocked with US goods, but since they drive on the left side of the rode, you don’t see any cars from US manufactures. I’m not sure what all this means, I just found it interesting.