Bermuda, Day 4

We made it to marathon day and it was like I expected - hot and hilly, but also a lot of fun. There were about 250 half marathoners and only 60 doing the full, so by the second loop of the course, it was isolated, but still many dedicated people cheering us to the finish.

After the race we came back to the hotel for some rest (I finished Hillbilly Elegy, highly recommended). Ken’s been a bit behind on his sleeping since he and I are sharing a bed and he gets up when I wake up, but he had a great nap today and was ready for a celebratory dinner at Swizzle Inn.

We’ve had fantastic weather this trip and a lot of fun. We’ve gotten to see a few new places and spend some quality time with our friends Roshan and Nate. Whenever we are not with them, Ken is asking to go see Pup (Roshan) and Nay. He loves being with them and they are very accepting of a two-year-old on their island vacation.

We fly back to Brooklyn’s winter weather tomorrow and back to a full schedule. It was a great trip and I’m already looking forward to our next vacation here.