Kenneth at 16 Months

Kenneth in the park

Kenneth is a bit over 16 months old right now and he is so much fun to be with. He is learning new things everyday and is currently focused on jumping. He’s been able to get off the ground with both feet a few times and can usually land without falling over. He also tries to repeat many different words that we say, not quite getting them right just yet, but he’s working on them.

Kenneth jumping

He and I are starting to settle into a routine. When he wakes up, I make him scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. I always ask him if he wants eggs and he always responds with a quick “yeah!”. I think go to work and get home about 90 minutes before bedtime. Rachel makes us dinner and then Ken and I get some time to play and watch a few minutes of cartoons before he heads off to bed. He’s a happy guy, always up for anything.

On the weekends, Ken and I get to spend a lot more time together. We usually go to a few different playgrounds and lately have been meeting up with Rachel for breakfast after she coaches for Moms in Training up at Brooklyn Bridge Park.


At the playground

Hamming it up

Watching TV

In the tubes